Riverchase United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Sharing the Joy of Christ

Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation

When is the church office open?
Regular hours for the church office are 9 AM to 5 PM each weekday. Holiday exceptions will be posted.
What time are worship services?
Traditional services in the Sanctuary are at 8:45, 9:45, and 11:00 AM. The Riverchase Contemporary Service is also at 11:00 AM in the the Well. Hispanic worship is at 11:00 AM in the Upper Room.


Major Life Events

How does the church learn about our new baby?
Please call the church office at (205) 987-4030 with this important news! Pastors would like to know in time to visit in the hospital, and deliver a baby Bible. The next Sunday, a rose will be placed on the altar to honor this new life, along with a bulletin announcement. (Family members may take the keepsake rosebud home following the 11 AM service.)
How do I schedule a baptism?
Please call Cindy Buchanan in the church office (205) 397-0933 to arrange these events. We try not to schedule baptisms on Communion Sundays, which are generally the first Sunday of the month.
How do I schedule a wedding?  
RUMC members may schedule weddings after being members for at least one year. Drop by the church office to pick up the wedding information and planning packet and to check on date availability.
What should I do in the event of hospitalization?
Please call the church office at (205) 987-4030 so that the ministers and lay pastor visitation team can be notified and so we can add you to the prayer list. Hospitals will not call us!
Whom do I notify when I move or have other personal information changes?
Please contact Cindy Buchanan in the church office so that she can update our database Cindy@Riverchaseumc.org or (205) 397-0933.


Building and Calendar Issues

How do I schedule a meeting or room at the church?
Contact Susan Phillips at (205) 397-3002 to book a room or schedule your meeting. Please note that some outside events might be subject to usage/custodial fees.
Where are rooms located? 
How do I request furniture arrangement or special needs for my meeting?
Simply stop by the church office to fill out a “Room Set-Up” sheet.
May I borrow tables, chairs, or other church equipment?
No, Riverchase does not loan out any church equipment.
How do I get an announcement placed in the bulletin or Messenger?
Send these requests to Cindy Buchanan at Cindy@RiverchaseUMC.org; items for the bulletin must be turned in by Wednesday for inclusion that coming Sunday.
How can I find out more about church programs?
Continue perusing the Riverchase website and/or attend a Getting to Know RUMC session held on the second Sunday of each month at 9:45 AM in the Prayer Chapel. 

Financial Matters

What if I have questions about my pledge, my gifts to the church or my offering envelopes?
Please contact Susan Phillips at 397-3002 for all financial questions.