Riverchase United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Sharing the Joy of Christ

Nursery Ministry

Beginning with our youngest friends, at 6 weeks old, we begin laying the foundations of faith with song, dance, bubbles, laughter, and love! 

Our nursery workers are happy to provide a safe, loving, and secure nursery for your child from 8:30 - 12:15 PM in the following classrooms:

(6 weeks-6 months)
(7-12 months) 
Wee Walkers
(13-18 months)
(19-24 months) 
Young 2's
(25-30 months) 
Older 2's
(31-36 months) 











Snacks may be provided, so please notify the staff of food allergies and special needs.

We want your children to have a happy and rewarding experience while in our care, and you as parents to know that they are safe and secure. In order to accomplish these goals, we ask your assistance in the following:

  • When you bring your child to the nursery suites, please stop by the desk and sign your child in on the forms provided.
  • When you check in, you will receive a 3 part numbered label to fill out. After completion, place the large part of the label on your child's back, put the smaller part on their diaper bag or back pack, and retain the back of the label with your security number on it. Once completed, you may proceed to your child's classroom and drop them off.
  • You will also receive a numbered pager. Pagers are set to vibrate so they will not disturb your church service and should be held close enough to feel the vibration.
  • When you come to pick up your child, you will need to sign out your child at the nursery desk and then present your numbered pager to the nursery staff in your child's room. if someone other than you will be picking up your child, please make sure that they are in possession of the parent numbered label and the pager when they pick up your child.

If you or anyone you know who is a member of or regularly attends RUMC is expecting a baby, please sign the RUMC Special Deliveries binder located at the nursery desk.

For more information on the Riverchase nursery, please contact Cheryl Beckham at cheryl@riverchaseumc.org.