Riverchase United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
Sharing the Joy of Christ

Children's Sunday School

Each Sunday at 9:45, children of all ages explore the Bible through interactive lessons, stories, crafts, games and hands on learning in Riverchase's Sunday School classes for children. These engaging lessons assist parents in providing a foundation of faith.  Find the perfect fit for your child by using the chart below!




Classroom Assignments

Jump into Sunday School (Sept-Dec) C141
3 Year Old - A (Mar-Aug) C142
3 Year Old - B (Sept-Feb) C143
4 Year Old - A (Mar-Aug) C151
4 Year Old - B (Sept-Feb C144
Kindergarten - A (Jun-Aug) C145
Kindergarten - B (Feb-May) C146
Kindergarten - C (Sep-Jan)
1st Grade - A (Mar-Aug) E139
1st Grade - B (Sep-Feb) E138
2nd Grade - A (Mar-Aug) E137
2nd Grade - B (Sep-Feb)
3rd Grade - A (Apr-Aug) E135
3rd Grade - B (Sep-Mar) E134
4th Grade E132/133 
5th Grade E130B 
C - Children's Building  
E - Education Building