Riverchase United Methodist Church
Monday, December 22, 2014
Sharing the Joy of Christ

Foreign Missions

John Wesley said it best "All the world is my parish."  Riverchase's Foreign Outreach programs focus on being open to the world around us by providing opportunities for mission experiences, sharing the mission story with others and exploring ways to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Russian Mission
Focuses on orphans who are graduating or have recently graduated from the orphanages in Russia by teaching of life skills they need after a life in an institution.
Project Hope
We provide food and financial support to an orphanage in Kenya that is the home of some 300 orphans.
SIFAT (Servants In Faith And Technology)
Locally run training site for missionaries going to or from third world countries.  Missionaries are trained in appropriate technology for the part of the world where they will be working.
Isaiah 6:8
Mission trips to Jamaica for construction projects as well as working with children through local churches. 


For more information on these programs or to volunteer, please contact John Ray at 205-397-3012 or john@riverchaseumc.org